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Rural Australian author, lover of horses and dogs, drinker of tea. My best friends are my horses, my cats and my dog. I like walking barefoot in the creek and picking blackberries in summer. I firmly believe that the best stories are the ones that come straight from the heart and that's why I'll never publish anything that I wasn't excited to write. I've been writing stories all my life - my mother would tell you I've been doing it since before I even knew the alphabet. In June of 2015, the day after I handed in my final uni assignment, I sat down to write what would become my debut novel, A Change in the Dreaming. Although I had several other drafts of finished novels already saved on my hard drive, this one joined together my two strongest passions, writing and brumbies, and I knew it would be the first one I released to the world in February 2016. Later that year I also published Tomorrow, a novella I'd written some years earlier.

I've got several books in various stages of jotting-down, and several more still just floating around as ideas in my head. Some will get written down, some probably will not. I draw my inspiration from the rural Australian landscape, especially my beloved mountains, from the characters I meet, from my animals, and from random things I see or hear that spark something in my imagination. Sometimes, my stories are startling real-life, other times they're entwined with a twist of fantasy and magic. Because if we don't put a little bit of magic into our lives, who will?


 If you've read my work and want to tell me what you thought, or just want to chat, please feel free to get in touch! I'd love to hear from you!

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