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Hi, my name is Laura. I live on a farm in rural NSW, and have been writing and making up stories ever since I can remember. When I was little, I used to make my Mum write down the stories I told her at bedtime. You see, I wasn't old enough to write yet. Precocious little thing! You might notice if you take a peek around my Facebook or Instagram, that I also love my cats, dogs, horses, gardening (I hope you like photos of vegetables) and life in general on the farm. I'm passionate about finding small ways to include a little more nature in our world, whether you come from the country like me or live in the city, there is always something we can do to bring that little bit more sustainability and peace to our everyday lives. My 2020 historical novel, Matilda's Run, is available now, and I'd love for you to spend some time here getting to know me. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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