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Matilda's Run
  • Matilda's Run

    SKU: 1003

    Paperback copy of Matilda's Run


    310 pages. First published November 2020.


    1947. The war may be over, but will life ever be the same?

    Matilda Bryce doesn’t think so. After all, she was never meant to be running her father’s mountain cattle property. But with all three of her brothers lost to the war, she is determined to leave her life of luxury and do their memory proud.

    Every person she meets carries scars from the past. From Jem, who cannot face the thought of returning home, to Hugh, who wants nothing more than to finally escape his father’s shadow.

    When Mattie suddenly finds herself heiress to her Great Aunt’s estate, she hatches a plan; to help those affected by the war overcome their wounds and give them a new place in the world. With a peaceful life in the mountains and a blossoming romance to keep her occupied, Mattie is finally content.

    But then a mysterious man named George turns up at the estate. He will not speak, and nobody knows who he was before the war. Does time really heal all wounds, or are there some memories that are just too painful to bear...



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